Graeme Hodgson Ceramics


Graeme Hodgson is based in Southampton; he has been making, selling and exhibiting ceramics for over a decade.

The work is freely thrown yet refined, modern and light, comprising domestic forms such as cups, bowls and dishes alongside a variety of individual vessels and a more robustly-thrown range of garden pots. A stoneware and a semi-porcelain clay are the main bodies used. The work is then glazed and fired to 1260C in an oxidising atmosphere.

Graeme seeks to achieve a balance between a repeatable 'range' of work and an approach which allows the forms to evolve and develop over time. Some shapes are resolved quickly, others need more time.

The principal glaze colours used at present are an opalescent blue/green in pale and dark shades, a rich iron red and a plain white.


Thanks to Graham Hooper and Victoria Harland for their help in taking some of the photographs on this site.